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What is LeGeo?
LeGeo is an independent, non-profit student association of Geoscientists, which was founded in 2005. The society voluntarily supports the student’s council for "Applied Geosciences". We offer a big variety of events and extracurricular activities, such as company presentations, guest lectures and excursions in the field of Geosciences. Our monthly organized student meetings encourage communication between professors and students of various degrees.

Why invest in LeGeo?
Since LeGeo is a non-profit organization, it invests all its money in students for extracurricular activities such as company presentations, guest lectures and excursions in the field of Geosciences. We also offer geological equipment at student-friendly prices to provide the necessities for all Geology students. To invest in LeGeo means to invest in to motivated students.

Benefits of being a Sponsor

  • Updates on all events, activities and excursions
  • Through high amount of members, better communication and reachability, especially of Geology, Mining and Petroleum Engineering students
  • Easy access to professors of Geoscience of Leoben, who are members as well
Greater company exposure and advertisement via social platforms (e.g. Facebook), mail, society events and more, leading to increased interest from students of all disciplines. Sponsoring LeGeo is not only about the obvious benefits. It is an investment in your company and more importantly in the industry itself.

Who sponsors LeGeo?
Through your financial support we manage to offer a bigger and better variety of excursions at cheaper prices and are able to make knowledge available to all interested students. A very important factor of our association is to get students in touch with companies, especially in the field of Economic Geology, Petroleum Geology and Geophysics. LeGeo is eager to give students easier access to professionals in the industry. And as students benefit of company presentations, so do you! Companies such as Shell, BP, OMV, STRABAG AG benefit from company presentations at the Montanuniversity of Leoben.

Did we wake your interest?
If so, please send us an email and we will provide all further information!


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